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I´m not listed as an attendee for the event! If you want to be visible to other attendees, please check your profile settings. Only users who indicate to share their profile with everyone are listed as attendees for an event.
How can I receive audio and video in the live sessions? Attending Live Meeting sessions:
used for the MSP Virtual Summit, Learning Partner Live Meetings or Microsoft Certified Career Conference session delivery

To receive audio and video within Live Meeting sessions, please make sure you have installed the Windows based console on your computer. The web based Live Meeting version does not support audio and video functionalities!

Installation and Testing

Attending video live stream sessions:
used for the Jump Start session delivery

Ensure both your system and internet connection are adequate for receiving optimal audio and video via live streaming. For the best experience, we send a “high-quality” video stream (1,000 kbps), but you may need to choose “standard quality” (500 kbps) if you have a lower bandwidth connection. You will be able to test both streams 30 minutes prior to the session start by logging into the event.
Video player formats: Silverlight, Flash and HTML5

Where can I find the recordings of the sessions? You can find all session recordings posted on MVA.
How can I attend a live session? Visit the agenda, select the session you want to attend and click on the join button.
Do I need a webcam or microphone to attend the session? No, you do not need a webcam or microphone. Only the presenters will present via audio and video. As a participant you only need active loudspeakers. Questions you can ask through the Q&A manager within Live Meeting or next to the video player.
Can I reset my password? Yes, you can click HERE.
Where will these events take place? The events offered on this platform are all virtual events. This means there is no actual location for the event, all events are taking place ONLINE. You can follow the sessions wherever you are, aslong as you have a stabile internet connection.
Will session recordings be available for download? All sessions will be recorded and will be available for download a few days after the live event.
How and when can I get help? First and foremost we recommend to read through the FAQ, if you question can be answered here.

If not, there are two ways to get help:

1) Prior and after an event: please send an email to The event management team is answering your requests within 24h.

2) During an event: please use the help chat where our support team is online 1h prior to session start times throughout the whole duration of an event.